Unit 2 Changing Climate, Changing Minds QUIZ Unit 2

1、 问题:Why was the Lake Imja formed?My Mind-shifting Everest Swim.
A:Because of the melting glacier.
B:Because the people had purposefully made it.
C:Because of the rivers there.
D:Because of the volcanic eruption.
答案: 【Because of the melting glacier.

2、 问题:What suggestion did his crew make after his first swim?My Mind-shifting Everest Swim
A:Be aggressive.
B:Swim faster.
C:Swim as slowly as possible.
D:Give up this time.
答案: 【Swim as slowly as possible.

3、 问题:What were the challenges that he faced while climbing Mountain Everest?My Mind-shifting Everest Swim
A:Altitude sickness.
B:Heavy equipment.
C:Bodies of the people who had died in the mountain.
D:Pressure from his team.
答案: 【Altitude sickness.;
Heavy equipment. ;
Bodies of the people who had died in the mountain.

4、 问题:His first swim was a success.My Mind-shifting Everest Swim
答案: 【错误

5、 问题:What are the two lessons that he learned from his symbolic swim this time?My Mind-shifting Everest Swim.
答案: 【First, just because something has worked in the past so well, does not mean it is going to work in the future. Second, the radical tactical shift.

6、 问题:When I was born, the world’s population was __ billion people. We are now _ billion people, and we are expected to be ___ billion people by 2020.
答案: 【(以下答案任选其一都对)3.5;

Unit 3 Unexpected Discoveries QUIZ Unit 3

1、 问题:1.What should the man do at 72nd Street?
A:Park the car.
B:Turn right.
C:Go straight.
D:Turn left.
答案: 【Turn right.

2、 问题:2.What is on show in the National Museum?
A:The 16th century European paintings.
B:The 16th century Asian paintings.
C:Classical paintings.
D:Modern pa