1.Introduce Unit test1

1、 问题:1. According to the number of bands, digital images can be categorized into ( ).
A:A. Multi-band images
B:B. Super-band images
C:C. Color images
D:D. Single-band images
答案: 【A. Multi-band images;
B. Super-band images;
D. Single-band images

2、 问题:2. Based on the degree of abstraction, digital image processing can be categorized into three levels, namely ( )
A:A. Image analysis
B:B. Image interpretation
C:C. Image processing in a narrow sense
D:D. Image understanding
答案: 【A. Image analysis;
C. Image processing in a narrow sense;
D. Image understanding

2.Basic concepts Unit 2 test

1、 问题:1.Image digitization includes the following two processes ( ).
A:A. Discretization
B:B. Enhancement
C:C. Quantization
D:D. Sampling
答案: 【C. Quantization;
D. Sampling

2、 问题:2.Image features are an important basis for image analysis and can be divided into two types: natural features and