Theme I Listening Comprehension Listening Comprehension 单元测验

1、 问题:Section C:There are 2 conversations in this section. After each conversation, there are some questions. You should decide on the correct answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Conversation 1W: Good morning. M: Good morning. I want to rent an apartment. W: What kind of apartment do you want? M: A two-bedroom one. W: Where do you want it to be? M: Near my office in the downtown. W: Yes, we have several apartments available. What kind of apartment does the man want to rent?
A:An apartment with a good view.
B:An apartment of two-bedrooms.
C:An apartment on the ground floor.
D:An apartment with central heating.
答案: 【An apartment of two-bedrooms.

2、 问题:Where does the man want the apartment to be?
A:Near a subway station.
B:Near a hotel.
C: In the downtown.
D:In the suburbs.
答案: 【 In the downtown.

3、 问题:Conversation 2 W: Good morning. M: Good morning. W: Why are you interested in this job? M: I want to have more opportunities. W: Good. How long have you been working at your current position? M: For five years. W: What do you expect to be in a few years? M: I hope I can become a skilled engineer. Why does the man apply for the job?
A:To have better opportunities.
B:To improve his skills.
C:To work fewer hours.
D:To get a higher salary.
答案: 【To have better opportunities.

4、 问题:How long has the man been working in his current position?
A:For six years.
B:For five years.
C:For three years
D:For two years.
答案: 【For five years.

5、 问题:What does the man expect to be in the near future?
A:A professor.
B:A manager.
C:An engineer.
D:A designer.
答案: 【An engineer.

6、 问题: Section D: Read and complete the passage with the given words or phrases. new idea success development sales manager American marketGood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.Thank you very much for coming to our conference this afternoon. I’m Henry Johnson,the 1 of Smart Toys. Now I’d like to introduce you to a completely 2 of toy manufacture. Firstly, I’ll talk about the market research which led to the 3 of this product. Then I’ll explain the production and our sales plan. Finally, I’ll make some suggestions so that you can make this product a 4 .We are confident this new productwill sell well in the 5 . At the end of my speech, we’ll have a question-and-answer section.
答案: 【1. sales manager
2. new idea
3. development
4. success
5. American marke



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