Unit 1 Performance Appraisal Unit 1 Quiz

1、 问题:We’re talking about email messages that the Justice Department said were derogatory and d______. ( 缺乏人性的)
答案: 【dehumanizing

2、 问题:The resulting conflicts in policy, and the continual changing of plans, soon d______ the department. (使士气低落)
答案: 【(以下答案任选其一都对)demoralized;

3、 问题:In general, fiscal income is in positive c___ with sound economic performance. (相关)
答案: 【correlation

4、 问题:His confirmation turned c_____ when the Senate Judiciary Committee confronted him with charges of racism. (有争议的)
答案: 【(以下答案任选其一都对)contentious;

5、 问题:The Trump administration d______ the political significance of the negotiation.(不予重视;轻描淡写)
答案: 【downplayed

6、 问题:The behavior of a poor performing employee regularly seeking informal praise from his or her supervisor at inappropriate moments is called _____.
答案: 【feedback-seeking

7、 问题:The positive opinion that someone has of a person, product, company, etc. as a whole, which is based on an earlier opinion of one particular quality or feature is referred to as _______.
答案: 【halo effect

8、 问题:A method for improving an employee’s performance by writing down and examining examples of what they did particularly well or badly and how it affected their work is called ___.
答案: 【critical incident method

9、 问题:_ is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them including the employee’s manager, peers, and sometimes also their customers.
答案: 【(以下答案任选其一都对)360-degree feedback;
360 degree feedback

10、 问题:Using ____method can help to alleviate some of the common rater errors that can occur when managers are rating employee performance, such as severity error (i.e. when all employees are rated poorly) and leniency error (i.e. when all employees are rated well).
答案: 【forced distribution

11、 问题:__is a strategic management model that aims to improve the performance of an organization by clearly defining objectives that are agreed to by both management and employees.
答案: 【(以下答案任选其一都对)MBO;
Management by objectives

12、 问题: ______ method is not suitable for appraising more than 5 employees at the same time.
答案: 【Paired comparison

13、 问题:If the observer dislikes one aspect of something, they will have a negative predisposition toward everything about it. This is known as _____ effect.
答案: 【horns

14、 问题:With a standardized and fixed system of appraisal certain traits will have a greater relevance in some jobs than in others. For example, social skills are more important to sales staff than those in R&D department. This is commonly referred to as ____.
答案: 【trait relevance

15、 问题:The ___method offers a high degree of structure for appraisals. Each employee trait or characteristic is rated on a bipolar scale that usually has several points ranging from “poor” to “excellent” (or some similar arrangement).
答案: 【rating scale

Unit 2 Analyzing Performance Unit 2 Quiz

1、 问题:“Reduce cost to hire by 5% by the end of the fiscal year” is a SMART goal for the HR department.
答案: 【正确

2、 问题:Research has suggested that 85% of performance problems are related to characteristics of the employee.
答案: 【错误

3、 问



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