unit1 Environment Unit1 test

1、 问题:Section A Directions: In this part, you will read five paragraphs. Choose the right topic for each paragraph. Paragraph 1People often refer to taxes in terms of their being much too high. In reality, they are probably even higher than you think, because in addition to the federal income tax we are now studying, there are many other Federal, State, and local taxes, including sales taxes, inheritance taxes, state income taxes, personal property taxes, real estate taxes, and others. These are just some of the most obvious ones.
A:Taxes are much too high.
B:We pay more taxes than we may realize.
C:Inheritance taxes and real estate taxes are unfair.
D:Some taxes are hidden.
答案: 【Taxes are much too high.

2、 问题:Paragraph 2The fact that electronic computers are now used for data processing has led the general public to believe that it is a mysterious, complicated science and that the computers are giant brains. Both of these ideas are false. A computer is basically just a high-speed adding machine that performs the functions it is told to. If the input data are varied even a little, the computer is unable to operate until it is programmed to accept the variations. The business operations it performs are impressive only because of the extremely high speed of manipulation, but most of these operations have been used for decades. Unlike man, the computer performs repetitive calculations without getting tired or bored.
A:A computer is a high-speed adding machine.
B:A computer is a mysterious giant brain.
C:A computer is impressive because of its high speed.
D:A computer is superior to man in many ways.
答案: 【A computer is a high-speed adding machine.

3、 问题:Paragraph 3There is a common belief that while the dog is man’s best friend, the coyote is his worst enemy. The bad reputation of the coyote traces back to his fondness for small animals; he hunts at night and is particularly destructive to sheep, young pigs, and poultry. Yet it is sometimes wise to encourage coyotes. Provided valuable farm animals are protected, the coyote will often free the property of other animals, like rabbits, which are ruinous to crops and certain trees. He is especially beneficial in keeping down the rodent population. Where coyotes have been allowed to do their work without molestation, ranchers and fruit growers have found them so valuable that they would no more shoot them than they would shoot their dogs.
A:Under certain conditions the coyote is helpful to man.
B:The coyote is feared because of his fondness for small animals
C:Modern ranchers would no sooner shoot coyotes than they would shoot dogs.
D:The coyote usually prefers rabbits and other rodents to sheep and poultry.
答案: 【Under certain conditions the coyote is helpful to man.

4、 问题:Paragraph 4In earlier days those who had overseas business which they believed should be discussed personally, took ship and set out across the briny deep. Once aboard they transacted their affairs, engaging in commercial and social matters or conducting government business. Today ships and passengers continue to sail the seven seas, and airplanes soar overhead. But above them all, words speed through the sky – telephone conversations quickly bring together in the most personal fashion people who are separated by thousands of miles.
A:Overseas telephone service today is ruling out all need for overseas travel.
B:Nothing can take the place of person-to-person conversation in settling business, social, and government problems.
C:Many conversations which once required overseas travel can now be conducted by telephone.
D:Even with modern overseas telephone service people continue to travel abroad by ship or by plane.
答案: 【Many conversations which once required overseas travel can now be conducted by telephone.

5、 问题:Paragraph 5The attitudes of Americans toward gambling are amazingly contradictory. You may find, for example, that horse racing is legal in your state, but that you cannot legally play poker for money on your front porch; bookies may be prosecuted by state law, but they are supposed to purchase a federal license nonetheless; one church condemns gambling, while another raises money by sponsoring Bingo games. Gambling laws are inconsistent from state to state or even from town to town and are very difficult to enforce.
A:Americans have negative attitudes toward gambling.
B:Gambling laws are difficult to enforce.
C:Gambling laws are inconsistent from community to community.
D:Churches do not have uniform ideas about gambling.
答案: 【Gambling laws are difficult to enforce.

6、 问题:Section B Directions: In this part, you will read a passage about the similarity and differences between the twin brothers George and Paul. Fill in the blanks with the correct joining words that show comparison and contrast.A.      in contrast toB.       althoughC.       butD.      howeverE.       both George and Paul are twin brothers. They are twenty years old and study in the same college. (1) _ George and Paul have blue eyes and brown hair, and they are tall and slim. Many people say they are identical at the first sight. (2) _ if you are their close friends, you will notice many differences between them. George likes to read science fiction, (3) _ Paul likes to read poetry. (4) _ George is an engineering major, Paul still hasn’t found a major. (5) ____ George’s outgoing personality, Paul is much shier and quieter. 注意:请按题目顺序填入大写字母,字母之间空一格。
答案: 【E D C B A

7、 问题:Section C Directions: Listen to the passage twice more and fill in the blanks 1 to 15 with what you hear. 音频11注意:若一题多空,请用空格将答案隔开。       I, like many of you, am one of the two billion people on Earth who live in cities. And there are days — I don’t know about the rest of you guys — but there are days when I palpably feel how much I rely on other people for pretty much everything in my life. And some days, that can even be a little 1) __. 
答案: 【scary

8、 问题:But what I’m here to talk to you about today is how that same interdependence is actually an extremely 2) __social infrastructure that we can actually harness to help heal some of our deepest 3) __issues, if we apply open source collaboration.
答案: 【powerful civic

9、 问题:A couple of years ago, I read an article by New York Times writer Michael Pollan in which he 4) __that growing even some of our own food is one of the best things that we can do for the environment.
答案: 【argued

10、 问题:Now at the time that I was reading this, it was the middle of the winter and I 5) __did not have room for a lot of dirt in my New York City apartment.
答案: 【definitely

11、 问题:So I was 6) __just willing to settle for just reading the next Wired magazine and finding out how the 7) __were going to figure out how to solve all these problems for us in the future.
答案: 【basically experts

12、 问题:But that was actually exactly the point that Michael Pollan was making in this article — was it’s precisely when we hand over the 8) __for all these things to specialists that we cause the kind of messes that we see with the food system.
答案: 【responsibility

13、 问题:So, I happen to know a little bit from my own work about how NASA has been using hydroponics to explore growing food in space. And you can actually get optimal 9) __yield by running a kind of high-quality liquid soil over plants’ root systems.
答案: 【nutritional

14、 问题:Now to a vegetable plant, my apartment has got to be about as foreign as outer space. But I can offer some natural light and year-round10) __control.
答案: 【climate

15、 问题:Fast-forward two years later: we now have window farms, which are vertical, hydroponic platforms for food-growing 11) __. 
答案: 【indoors

16、 问题:And the way it works is that there’s a pump at the bottom, which 12) __sends some of this liquid nutrient solution up to the top, which then trickles down through plants’ root systems that are suspended in clay pellets — so there’s no dirt involved. 
答案: 【periodically

17、 问题:Now light and temperature vary with each window’s13) _, so a window farm requires a farmer, and she must decide what kind of crops she is going to put in her window farm, and whether she is going to feed her food 14) _.
答案: 【microclimate organically

18、 问题:Back at the time, a window farm was no more than a technically complex idea that was going to require a lot of testing. And then we invited people all over the world to build them and 15) __with us. So actually now on this website, we have 18,000 people. And we have window farms all over the world.
答案: 【experiment

【作业】unit1 Environment Dictation

1、 问题:Watch the viedo and write down all the sentences in it.
评分规则: 【 根据老师提供的文本进行互评未提交或者提交的文本与材料无关 0分漏句漏词很多错误 6分无漏句,漏词和错误很多 7分无漏句漏词,错误不多 8分仅有个别拼写及格式错误 9分几乎接近原文本 10分

unit2 Language and Culture Unit3 test

1、 问题:Section C Directions: Listen to two speakers who are talking about company retreat and choose the best answer.音频121. Where will they hold the company retreat?
A:By the seaside.
B:In the forest.
C:In the mountains.
答案: 【In the mountains.

2、 问题:2. What’s the second speaker’s reaction towards January?
A:She agrees with the first speaker.
B:She disagrees with the first speaker indirectly.
C:She disagrees with the first speaker directly.
答案: 【She disagrees with the first speaker indirectly.

3、 问题:3. What month do they agree upon?
答案: 【April

4、 问题:4. What do they agree to do next?
A:Take a survey
B:Design a plan
C:Make a budget
答案: 【Take a survey

5、 问题:Section ADirections: Decide whether the following statements are true or false.1. Function words can never be key words. 
答案: 【错误

6、 问题:2. Words that have to do with the structure of the lecture need to be taken down. 

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